elaine dilay

Born and raised in the prairies, Winnipeg artist Elaine Dilay has always been creative and enjoys painting as an outlet through every season of life. Wife and mother of 3 young boys she has a passion to add beauty & interest through her work. She comes from a family rich in the arts - with actors, graphic and interior designers, fine artists, musicians, and performers.  

Elaine creates original abstract pieces that are dramatic both in texture and colour. She draws inspiration from the world of interior design, fashion and her love for drama. Each painting is unique and can stand alone to be a show stopper in your space. 

While most of her art career has been spent creating acrylic abstracts she fell in love with resin art over 5 years ago and simply can’t get enough of the glossy medium. Her current collections are a blend of acrylics, epoxy resin and mixed media. Elaine gravitates towards a bold palette and incorporates metallics in most of her work.  

Elaine sells her work to art collectors, interior design stores and luxury home builders. She also offers unique products with her resin application on round art, table tops and wooden homewares.